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What Clients Say

  • Finally a decent smart box in a professional package. This company definitely cares about their customers. If you haven’t bought one yet, do it now!

    Alison Craddock

  • Great quality and much better than the competition. I actually got very good support when I had a few issues, all resolved now! Cannot wait for next year’s model, I will be ordering from you!

    Brian Morgan

  • Perfect in every way! All my friends are asking where to get one. I will definitely be pointing them in your direction!

    Ben Simpson

  • I am so glad I bought for these guys after having constant problems with the “other” sellers. So much better than dodgy Ebay sellers that offer no support!

    Tom Peck

  • Stream Free TV Box are unbelievably good! I would recommend anyone to take the plunge now. The included apps and addons are perfect and the website support is spot on. If you are looking for a box that has everything then look no further because it really doesn’t get better than this!  

    Jim Carter