What Clients Say

  • Finally a decent smart box in a professional package. This company definitely cares about their customers. If you haven’t bought one yet, do it now!

    Alison Craddock

  • Great quality and much better than the competition. I actually got very good support when I had a few issues, all resolved now! Cannot wait for next year’s model, I will be ordering from you!

    Brian Morgan

  • Perfect in every way! All my friends are asking where to get one. I will definitely be pointing them in your direction!

    Ben Simpson

  • I am so glad I bought for these guys after having constant problems with the “other” sellers. So much better than dodgy Ebay sellers that offer no support!

    Tom Peck

  • Stream Free TV Box are unbelievably good! I would recommend anyone to take the plunge now. The included apps and addons are perfect and the website support is spot on. If you are looking for a box that has everything then look no further because it really doesn’t get better than this!  

    Jim Carter

What makes Stream Free TV Box different? Stream Free TV Box is the leading Irish supplier of Android TV Boxes, we strive to provide the best customer experience what ever you purchase from us. Our developers have customised your firmware to make sure that everything is perfect. We are a proper company not an eBay or Gumtree seller, this means you get the best customer service, after sales support and a brand you can trust.



We are completely are based in Ireland, all of your orders come from our Irish warehouse. All support is based in the Ireland, even our website is based in the Ireland. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience.



We listen to our customers, we are actively improving our product line, software and website all based on customer feedback. If you have any suggestions yourself feel free to contact us as we really value your feedback.



We sell our boxes safely and within the boundaries of the law, and we also make streaming easier for anyone. We do not sell Kodi boxes, Stream Free TV Box is in no way affiliated with XBMC.org, XBMC or Kodi. We use our own version and app and now have made the whole process a lot more easier so now kids can use it! We also manage the updates for you so you can sit back and relax.



We provide support for all our boxes, unlike when order from Chinese or eBay sellers we provide after sales support. If you have any issues you can easily get a replacement fast and pain free. As we keep our stock in the Ireland, replacements or refunds can be handled quickly. All of our support channels are English speaking so there will be no language barriers or issues understanding your problem or our proposed solutions.

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  • Any issues caused by loading custom firmware from other sources can invalidate your warranty. We will do our best to support you in getting it back up and running, but if the box is beyond repair we will be unable to replace it for free.

  • Stream Free TV Box is in no way affiliated with XBMC.org, XBMC or Kodi and does not support the 3rd party add-ons .We sell our boxes safely and within the boundaries of the law, and we also make streaming easier for anyone.

  • We do not host or support ANY Kodi Software and add-ons, nor do we condone piracy.

  • We do not host any copyrighted or illegal content on Stream Free TV Box. The information and content we host does not have copyrighted files. We can however recommend using paid streaming services on your Stream Free TV Box such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Google Play Movies. These services often provide better quality picture, no buffering and an affordable price so why wouldn’t you?