Terms and Conditions

For any item that may develop a hardware fault within 1 year we will replace it.

After 1 year  we will try and repair it but if it cannot be repaired we will refer the device to the manufactures warranty. This varies from supplier to supplier. Depending on their warranty conditions. You may have to send it to them *we will help* and once they acknowledge receipt and find the problem, they will either repair it or give us permission to replace it for you. We don’t offer any warranty on software issues after 30 days only hardware issues. Power supplies and remote control’s are not covered as things like dropping them and power surges can damage them

7 Day Return Period

We accept a 7 day return period for change of mind. With Change of mind returns the unit has to be returned in the condition it was received (in its original packaging). We will only refund the amount paid minus our original postage costs plus cash on delivery costs if applicable. After 7 days refunds will not be given. Please note the boxes are brand new but because we have to open the packaging to install our software, they have to be sold as second hand.

Buyer Pays Postage

After 14 days the customer is responsible for all postage costs.

Never Reset The Box To Factory Settings

If you reset the box for any reason, you will have to pay for it to be re-installed usually €20 excluding postage of €9.50. You will simply be deleteing all of the software that we have installed.

Notes to avoid disappointment:


If using wifi please make sure you have a strong signal as a poor signal will effect the quality of the streams and may not work. If this is the case then you will need to use the Ethernet connection instead.

The Stream Free TV Box are not responsible for the free content available on the web/channels/links or the quality of any streams.

Software Issues

If you experience a software issue, we will help in any way that we can by giving you free customer service, either via email/telephone or our Facebook group but the responsibility of keeping it up to date is yours. The downloading of updates is also your responsibility and done at your own risk. After 30 days we will only repair hardware issues not software issues free of charge.


Please check that your TV can support full HDMI, most up to date tvs do but some of the earlier ones do not. If you see lines going across the screen that should not be there or a blue background this is a problem with your tv not The Stream Free TV Box. You have seven days to return the item but after that no refunds will be issued and you may be charged a €10 re-stocking fee. It is your responsibility to ensure that your TV can take an HDMI connection.

Software Repair Service

We offer a software repair service but only for boxes purchased from us. Most issues can be fixed, including resetting your box and updating it with the latest software for a fixed price of €20 excluding return postage, usually around €9.50.


The quality of sport can be of low bitrate as they are on all boxes of this type so not the best quality. We sell these on the basis our customers wanting them for movies, TV and sports, not just for example, sports. We try to be as helpful and as accurate as we can, so you the buyer know’s how these boxes work.